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Article: Schanzer Racing Electric e.V.

Schanzer Racing Electric e.V.

Schanzer Racing Electric e.V.

Excerpt from Schanzer Racing Electric e.V.

It's again #Sponsoringsunday

Today we would like to introduce you to our sponsor Burms - 3D Druck Jena GmbH &C Co. KG.💪🏼

In addition to the sale of new 3D printers for various rapid manufacturing technologies, professional 3D printing services are also part of the product portfolio of the BURMS - 3D Druck Jena GmbH & Co. KG. In addition to research and motorsport, their products are also used in many other areas.🏎️

Thanks to their extensive experience in 3D printing of prototypes, small series and large orders, they have us this season can support with a shape for our side box. This is needed to cover the cooler visually and to concentrate the air flow.🔥

We say thank you very much!




PolyKARD- Künstliches Herzbeutel-Gewebe ...

PolyKARD- Artificial Pericardium Tissue...

In the PolyKARD project, biomimetic polymers are being developed that can mimic the mechanical properties of the pericardium tissue.

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Formnext 2022 in Frankfurt

Formnext 2022 in Frankfurt

In the period from November 15th, 2022 to November 18th, 2022 we were again represented at FORMNEXT in Frankfurt. As part of FORMNEXT, we from the light city of Jena presented the new 3D printers ...

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