CAD & scan service


BURMS converts your template into 3D models.
We create printable data sets for you from scans or with our design know-how.

1. Contact

If you want a scan or CAD, please contact "".

2. Order Parameters

In addition to the request, please send us pictures of the component and the dimensions of the component so that we can check whether the component can be scanned. In the case of a CAD order, you can also send us technical drawings.

3. Component / Tech. drawing

Send us the component by post or bring it in person. For CAD orders, please send us technical drawings.

4.Scan / CAD

We create a CAD model from the real component and technical drawings, which can be processed with all common CAD programs.

5. Customer request

According to your personal wishes, we make modifications to the model. This includes scaling, rotation, modeling, and much more...

6. Finished CAD model

You will receive the finished CAD model from us.


Do you have any questions or need help choosing the right manufacturing process?

Then contact us - one of our employees will help you as soon as possible!

You are also welcome to call us on + 49 3641 63 47 800 or send an email to: