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We produce your component and optimize both the mechanical and optical properties of the component with regard to your wishes! Be it tear resistance, stability or integrity, we ensure that the component meets the highest requirements. We will help you to find a suitable individual solution as well as an optimal series solution for the surface finishing of your component.

We wash, expose, temper, grind, polish, blast, tan, dye, varnish, fill, insert threads and much more...

Get in touch with us and we will help you to find the right solution for your component.

finish 1

The support structures of the component are removed and the
component is post-exposed with UV light so that it hardens and acquires the desired material properties.

finish 2

In addition to removing the support structures and
post-exposure, the component is sanded to remove the last impurities in the surface and give the component a pleasant, smooth finish. In addition, the component is glass bead blasted to ensure a homogeneous surface.

Aids: Sandpaper (grain < 600), glass bead blasting machine

finish 3

Component surfaces are ground / polished or glass bead blasted for a very good surface finish. The components are / can also be painted.

Aids: sandpaper (grain < 1000), polishing machine, glass bead blasting machine, RAL colored paint

finish 4

In addition to blasting with glass beads, the surface of the component is finished with a varnish. Special services are included.

Aids: Sandpaper, RAL color paint, polishing machine, glass bead machine, threaded inserts, component assembly, special packaging


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