Material tray for the MiiCraft (Tank Teflon)

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The material tray is where the printing resin is stored during the printing process. Resin tanks are consumable items and should be replaced regularly. For the Miicraft series Ultra 50-150 and the MiiCraft Prime 150 with thick foil (0.25mm) and thin foil (0.13mm).


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During the printing process, the construction platform moves into the material tray until the distance between the tray foil and the construction platform corresponds to a defined height. A greyscale image is then projected onto the material by the projector through the transparent tray floor. As a result, the material hardens in the exposed areas up to the defined height and a first layer is created that has the same height as the distance from the construction platform to the bottom of the tub. In an all-encompassing iterative process, layer by layer is created in the material tub the component is created.

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