MiiCraft Alpha

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MiiCraft Alpha the new 3D desktop printer has a compact size and fits perfectly in dental clinics and offices. The build volume reaches a length of 150 mm and the resolution is extremely high for an accurate print (2560 x 1440 pixels with XPR™).

The build platform and resin tank are designed for easy operation, and the ID covers are open on three sides for larger working space.

Building area: 150 x 84.3 x 120mm @ 58um

Z-layer resolution: 5-500um

Wavelength: 405nm

UI: 5 inch touch screen

Dimensions: 30 x 40 x 42.26 cm / 30 kg

I/O: Ethernet, USB, WIFI Dongle

Baufläche Alpha 130 x 73 x 75 mm @ 68 um

Z-Layer Auflösung: 5-500um

Wellenlänge: 385 nm

UI: 5 Zoll Touch screen

Dimensionen: 30 x 40 x 42,26 cm / 16 kg

I/O: Ethernet, USB, WIFI Dongle

The shipping time depends on the availability of the 3D printer and is sent by a freight forwarder (incl. transport insurance). For the delivery time please contact us:info@burms.de

Optionally, RFID (material identification) can be selected

Traceability of resin batches, print platform and resin consumption.

Open to resin and third-party software

Over 300 types of resin can be selected. Alpha is compatible with Chitubox and other third party software.

High durability

The LED lifespan reaches more than 20,000 hours, as well as a tank lifespan of > 7.5 kg.

Excellent sharpness throughout the image

In-house developed dedicated UV light engine, optimal for industrial 3D printers (all glass).
Superior optical design to achieve excellent sharpness MTF>50% and low distortion <0.1%.

High speed - high precision

- The linear motion guide and the new tank design improve the rigidity of the structure and improve the printing accuracy and speed

- For ease of use, the picker and tank are easily detachable

- The three-sided open acrylic cover offers a spacious work area

- The innovative integration board increases the printing and file transfer speed

Excellent sharpness throughout the image

- Self-developed dedicated UV light engine, optimal for industrial 3D printers (all glass)

- Deviation of each image corner ≤ 0.5mm

- Homogeneity > 95% ANSI (Optical Uniformity) and almost 100% homogeneity after digital compensation

- High precision image alignment and orientation correction process