Fused Deposition Modeling

If components are to be produced quickly and cheaply, FDM printing is the first port of call. The large build volume makes FDM printing particularly popular for the production of large prototypes.

FDM process

In FDM printing, a movable print head is moved along a predefined path in a fixed three-dimensional space. On the path, the printhead (extruder) melts a thin filament, which is usually ABS or similar plastic.

The melted filament is applied layer by layer starting on the heated build platform until all layers of the model are printed.

Our FDM material - ABS

ABS is a plastic that is mainly used in household and consumer products. Automotive and electronic parts, motorcycle helmets, toys, housings for electronic devices and computers, and consumer goods with increased demands on impact strength are classic products made from ABS.


Shore D hardness


Tensile strength [MPa]

30 - 45

Modulus of elasticity [MPa]

1875 - 2300

Elongation at break [%]

6 - 10

Flexural strength [MPa]

36 - 75

Heat resistance [°C]

92 - 96



rapid manufacturing

Very large components

Finish grades

The final step in refining the surface of your component.


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