Rapla's PR system

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Using the latest generation of technologies, PR Systems' Raplas range brings stereolithography to production environments.

Raplas machines are used to ensure the highest quality for production, end-use parts, prototypes, small series and for the manufacture of core parts where molds are no longer available or inexpensive.

PR 450/700

PR450/700 HD+ SLA High productivity systems in 450 x 450mm / 700 x 700mm platform formats, available with detachable tank options for easy material changes. All with HD+ accuracy across the build platform.


PR 800

Raplas PR800 production system offers flexible user specification with options available without lengthy customer retention policies.


PR 1600

PR1600 HD+ SLA high productivity systems feature dual lasers to deliver the highest quality 1600 x 800mm builds. Enabling resolutions never seen before on such a large platform. Available with tank depth options to suit your needs to become.All Raplas machines offer market-leading accuracy across the entire build platform.


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