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4K 3840x2160 w/XPR

The core of the imaging system, the optical module, has high resolution and high imaging uniformity, which allows printed objects to display sharp shapes and glossy surfaces. It is equipped with all-glass optical projection lenses, a unique coating and LEDs that achieve excellent optical performance.

High-resolution DMD offers a major print speed advantage over others versus integration with new controllers.


Depending on the small dimension, the projection unit can easily be built into your DLP 3D printing solution!

Image size:

Image size specification: The NQM PLUS UV Engine supports the pixel size of the projected image
from 30um to 100um.

Optical Mask:

The uniformity with mask is set to >95%


Series: 4K

Wavelength: 405 / 385 / 365 nm


3840 x 2160 w/ XPRTM | 2712 x 1528 (Native)

Image Size:

115.2mm x 64.8mm (at 30um X/Y axis)
192.0mm x 108.0mm (at 50um X/Y axis)
249.6 mm x 140.4 mm (at 65um X/Y axis)
384.0 mm x 216.0 mm (at 100um X/Y axis)

Output Power: 4000 | 6000mW

Interface: I2C, SPI, GPIO, USB, HDMI

Power Input: DC 12V/8.5 | DC 12V/15A

3D printer - Especially used in jewelry, dentistry, research, industry, biology, etc.