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Digital Light Processing

DLP printing is particularly popular in dental laboratories and jewelry workshops because of its very high speed. In addition, the DLP is ideal for small functional parts and everyday objects.

The DLP process

In DLP printing, a build platform is lowered into a resin-filled container. The construction platform moves into the tank until there is a gap with an almost defined height between the construction platform and the tank bottom. This distance corresponds to the layer thickness with which the components are manufactured.


After the picker has been lowered into the resin tank, an industrial UV projector is used to project a cross section of the component to be built through the transparent tank bottom onto the resin. The UV light image applies energy to the resin, causing the resin to harden where the light hits it.

This creates a layer of the component. The construction platform moves up a little and thus creates a defined distance between the bottom of the tub and the recently produced layer. In an iterative process, a component is produced layer by layer with the highest level of detail using the UV projectors.





rapid manufacturing

Finish grades

The final step in refining the surface of your component.


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