Lumentics - Photoluminescent DLP/SLA 3D Printing Resin

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Lumentics 3D resin is a photoluminescent printing resin with excellent curing and a strong afterglow effect.

This DLP / SLA printing resin was specially developed for a strong afterglow effect combined with very good processing properties. And the whole thing as odorless as possible! Fast curing and ideal flowability are obligatory.

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- The 3D resin prints like other varieties. No special settings necessary

- The resin can be mixed with other printing resins (the light intensity then decreases in proportion)

- How it works: The liquid 3D printer resin is cured with pinpoint accuracy during the printing process using a UV laser beam in a resin tank/basin, thus enabling an extremely detailed and smooth print image

- Suitable for all common DLP printers with a UV source in the range of approx. 405 nm

- Suitable for the following types of printers: resin 3D printer, resin printer, resin 3D copier, desktop 3D resin printer

- Suitable for the following printing technologies: Digital Light Processing (DLP), Stereolithography (SLA), Low Force Stereolithography (LFS), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Liquid Crystal Shutter (LCS)

- Other terms: light curing resin, photopolymer resin, rapid resin, UV resin, synthetic resin

- Packaging: Light-protected, leak-proof bottle

- Field of application: hobby, industry, school, educational institutions


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