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Article: BURMS and Janova for the development of the Smart Racket

BURMS und Janova für die Entwicklung des Smart Rackets

BURMS and Janova for the development of the Smart Racket

As BURMS from Jena, we are proud to have made a significant contribution to the development of the Janova Smart Racket. Using our expertise in DLP 3D printing on the MiiCraft Prime, we were able to create the housing for the sensors.


By using our high-precision printing technology, we were able to produce precise and robust housings that fit perfectly into the design of the Janova Smart Racket. Our housings not only provide reliable protection for the sensitive sensors, but also fit seamlessly into the racket without compromising weight or balance.


The close collaboration between Janova and BURMS has made it possible to develop a first-class product that pushes the boundaries of the game of table tennis. Our contribution to the manufacture of the cases has helped players use the precise data on shot speed, spin and impact point to analyze their game and improve their skills.


We are proud that our technology is a key part of the Janova Smart Racket, helping players around the world reach their full potential. As BURMS, we are committed to continuing to develop innovative solutions in the field of 3D printing and helping companies like Janova bring revolutionary products to market.

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