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Article: BURMS celebrates victory | Sponsor of HBV Jena 90

BURMS feiert Sieg | Sponsor des HBV Jena 90

BURMS celebrates victory | Sponsor of HBV Jena 90

Last Saturday evening, as a sponsor, we had the opportunity to attend the HBV Jena game. We were thrilled with the team's performance and are very pleased with their victory. It was a great experience to watch the game live.

We would like to thank Mr. Casanova, the managing director of HBV Jena 90, for inviting us to the event. We wish HBV Jena continued success for the rest of the season and are proud to be a part of their success. It was a pleasure for us to be a sponsor and we look forward to further events in the future.

To receive the latest news and information about the match days and the HBV standings visit:


BURMS auf der Intec in Leipzig

BURMS at the Intec in Leipzig

BURMS was present at this year's Intec in Leipzig from March 7th - 10th and presented the MiiCraft Alpha and some 3D printed examples.

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BURMS und Janova für die Entwicklung des Smart Rackets

BURMS and Janova for the development of the Smart Racket

As BURMS from Jena, we are proud to have made a significant contribution to the development of the Janova Smart Racket. Using our expertise in DLP 3D printing on the MiiCraft Prime, we were able t...

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