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F1+ Blend is the blend specifically designed for SLA 3D printers like Formlabs. The F1+ is also compatible with Formlabs PreForm software. Just select the appropriate color and parameter V02. Then compose the height of the levels. Due to the very high level of detail of the mixture, especially the black version, amazing detail results can be achieved at a layer height of 0.0 and 0.02 mm.


Suitable for most DLP/LCD 3D printers

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Color: White, Gray or Black (opaque), Clear (transparent)

Odour: Faint odour

Viscosity: 95 MPa s at 25 °C

Hardness Shore D: 80

Density: 1.02 g / cm³

Shrinkage: < 0.5%

Z-axis (slice height) resolution: from 20 to 200 μm

UV curing: from 225 to 415 nm

Storage: 10 °C <t> 40 °C in a dark,
dry place out of direct sunlight

Wash off: 40-60% ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or TEK1960


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