MiiCure 145

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UV LED with Nitrogen System

MiiCure is the polymerizer with compact dimensions but with incredible performance thanks to its two wavelengths that irradiate the resins on all six sides. Once you've chosen the right UV power and temperature, all you have to do is admire the result

Curing up to 360°:

The exclusive Omni360° system irradiates all objects from all sides, including the support. The 6 irradiating surfaces allow UV exposure without having to rotate the object.

2 wavelengths, unlimited possibilities:

The double frequency technology can cure a large number of different types of resin, from standard resins to more technical resins.

Nitrogen speed and perfection:

The nitrogen injected into the chamber stops the oxidation of the resin during the polymerization and the process becomes better and faster without patina on the surface of your

Dimension: 320 x 330 x 246
Compartment dimensions: 145x145xh120

Emitter type: High power LED 5W

Number of emitters: 24

Irradiance system: Omni-Ray 360 °

Radiation frequencies: 2

Middle emission: λ1 405nm - λ2 365nm

Emission aperture: +/- 20nm

Total emitter power: 80W

Heating: Eco-passive

Power supply: external