MiiCraft Prime+ / Hyper Series

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After the MiiCraft Prime / Hyper, the new Prime + is now available from BURMS. The new Prime + with technical innovations, as well as the possibility to choose the color of the housing. Shown with the white case the Prime+ and with the gray case the Prime/Hyper.

Dental, jewelry, hearing aids, medical products, functional parts, manufacturing, research

MiiCraft Prime Series 3D Printer is an advanced super high resolution desktop printer. This printer is powered by a true 4M pixel UV light engine with special image enhancement technology and low force peel mechanism.

The MiiCraft Hyper Series 3D printer is an extremely stable and economical desktop printer. This printer features comprehensive software, automatic model assembly, easy-to-build supports, scenario printing parameter settings, and an embedded touch screen.
The strong software function makes this printer an efficient 3D printing solution for prosumer environments.

Miicraft Prime + Neuer DLP 3D Drucker bei BURMS




RFID Angepasst

3840 x 2160 Pixel

150 x 84,5 x 120mm


Farbauswahl des Gehäuses möglich ( Weiß z.B. )


Whole exposure, fast print speed (> 4cm/hour)

Choice of UV curing wavelength: 385 nm, 405 nm

Unlimited selection of photopolymer resins, open materials system

Using industrial UV optics and light engine