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Dentifix was developed in close cooperation with dentists and dental prosthodontists. This resin is perfect for printing dental models, alignment, conflicts, crowns, bridges, etc. It can also be used for any other application that requires high precision of the model.

Dentifix-3D Modelling, after printing, has a very smooth surface and great hardness, which makes it ideal for creating dental models. Its matte color makes details clear and facilitates laboratory work by eliminating annoying reflections.

Produced in 2 versions:

  • HR (highly reactive) compatible with DLP or LCD printers
  • LR (low reactive) compatible with SLA printers

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Colour: sand yellow RAL 102 (opaque), matt gray (opaque), clear (transparent)

Odour: Faint odour

Viscosity: 95 MPa s at 25 °C

Hardness Shore D: 81

Density: 1.05 g / cm³

Shrinkage: < 0.5%

Z-axis (slice height) resolution: from 10 to 150 μm

UV curing: from 225 to 415 nm

Exposure energy: 18 mJ/cm²

Tensile strength: 45Mpa

Elongation at break: 5%

Storage: 10 °C <t> 40 °C in a dark,
dry place out of direct sunlight

Wash off: 40-60% ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or TEK1960


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