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Pro3dure offers an exclusive selection of resins for dental 3D printing that ensure the highest precision and quality. These specially developed resins are ideal for the production of dental prototypes, crowns, bridges and other dental prostheses. With outstanding attention to detail and biocompatibility, they meet the demanding requirements of dentistry. Trust Pro3dure resins to realize high-quality and precise dental 3D printing and provide your patients with optimal care.

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Pro3dure Printodent® GR-13.1 model
Pro3dure Printodent® GR-11 tray
Pro3dure Printodent® GR-15 gingiva
Pro3dure Printodent GR-10 guide
Pro3dure Printodent® GR-12 cast
Pro3dure Printodent® GR-18.1 IB
Pro3dure Printodent® GR-17.1 temporary It