Hey Nano Rigid

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Ceramic filled resin for 3D printing functional objects and prototypes with excellent dimensional stability.

STABILITY AT ITS BEST. The ceramic-reinforced Moiin Nano Rigid convinces with excellent optics, maximum precision and high rigidity. The printed objects remain reliably stable even under high loads. The dimensionally stable material is therefore the ideal partner for 3D printing of functional parts or prototypes for iterative product design.

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Viscosity: 2.0 Pas

Flexural strength: 150 MPa

Flexural Modulus: 5.07GPa

Shore D hardness: 90.6

Heat resistance HDT A (1.8 MPa): 118 °C

Water absorption: 28.1 µg/mm^3

Water solubility: 0.7 µg/mm^3

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